• Pink-Oh my god

    Oh My God Featuring Peaches Lyrics

    Verse 1:
    Put me on the table
    Make me say your name
    If I can't remember
    Then give me all your pain
    I can sit and listen
    Or I can make you scream
    Kiss it and make it better
    Just put your trust in me

    Oh my God, go a little slower
    Oh my God, what was that again
    L da da, let me feel you baby
    Let me in, 'cause I understand
    Let me feel you baby
    'Cause I understand

    I understand it all
    Now climb my sugar walls
    Problem solved it's dissolved
    with the solvent know as spit
    Lickity lick not too quick it's a
    Slick ride make my mink slide
    'Cause we're all pink inside

    Verse 2:
    This can be really easy
    It doesn't have to be hard
    Here baby let me show you
    I'll have ya, climbing up the walls
    You got all the problems
    I think that I can solve
    Why don't you come in here baby
    Why don't we sit and talk


    You like the top and the bottom
    You made a drop and then caught 'em
    And when you rock then you've got 'em
    Oh my God 'em oh my God 'em


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    Dimanche 1er Octobre 2006 à 19:46
    Make me say your name
    bah si elle me sort "te quiero puta" :D je vais bien loul
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